Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is needed for our special financing?


-----------------------------------ALL DOCUMENTS MUST BE DATED WITHIN THE LAST 30 DAYS-------------------------------




   1. Valid Pennsylvania Drivers License


  1. Proof Of Residency: Phone bill (home/cell), Utility bill (electric/gas/cable/water etc.), Bank statement or Major credit card statement (any bill used must be mailed, not printed at bank ,credit union, or online). Must list your name and physical address on bill.


  1. Proof Of Telephone: Land line or Cell phone bill. Must list your name and physical address on bill.


  1. Proof Of Income: Two most recent pay stubs (must be dated within last 30 days) *IF YOU DO NOT HAVE REGULAR COMPUTER GENERATED PAYSTUBS W/TAX DEDUCTIONS, PLEASE CALL US FOR REQUIREMENTS. Also, must include complete name, address and phone number of employer. Must be the actual location of where you work.


   6. Ten References: With full name, street address, and phone number. No P.O. Boxes, no one that lives with you, no employers, and no landlords. All references must live at different addresses and have different phone numbers.


   7. Mortgage Co. Or Landlord (Rent): Complete name, address and phone number of mortgage company or landlord .


   8. Bank Account: Two most recent checking account, saving account, and /or pre-paid credit card account statements. Must include your full name on the statement.


   9. Down Payment: Must be in form of cash, or certified bank check. Call about personal checks and /or business checks.


   10. Proof Of Full Coverage Insurance: For the vehicle you are purchasing, please have a binder of insurance faxed to us at 570-779-0695, showing your information (full name and address), vehicle information (VIN, year, make, and model), deductibles for comprehensive and collision no higher than $500, and lien information.

Call about lien information for financing.